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Etui de 12 Touch Twin Brush Markers (différentes couleurs possibles)

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12 Touch Twin Markers. (différentes couleurs disponibles)



12 Touch Twin Markers dans différents tons. 1 pointe pinceau et 1 pointe biseautée.

The Touch Twin brush marker features a distinct fine brush nib on one end and a medium-wide chisel nib on the other, allowing users to express a wider range of techniques. The newly broadened colour spectrum of 204 brilliant colours allows artists and designers greater possibilities and freedom of expression. The innovative and durable design of the nibs ensures they will not lose their firmness over time. Optimum ink flow and drying rates allow for seamless execution of even the most detailed artwork. Refillable ink and replacement nibs add to the longevity of the Touch Twin Brush Markers.


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cool grey, warm grey, skin tones (peau), blue/green grey, wood colors (bois), pastel, main colors (couleurs principales)